About Us


 In March 1945 three men, Fred Eslick of Mason City, Karl Mochrl of Marshalltown, and L.P. Christensen of Cedar Rapids had an idea to organize the unlicensed accountants all over the State of Iowa. The main goal was to instill in members an appreciation of the responsibilities to their clients and importance of rendering a prompt, faithful and efficient service. The goal of the Association was also to maintain a high standard of conduct for members as professional people.

The first Tax School was held December 1947 at the Savory Hotel in Des Moines.

The group was incorporated July 5th, 1947 with the name ?Public Bookkeepers Association?. In May 1950 the name of the organization was changed to ?Iowa Bookkeeping & Tax Service Association?. November 1955 the new name ?Iowa Society of Independent Accountants? was discussed & passed. At the annual meeting May 9, 1959 the Articles of incorporation changed the name again to ?Accountants Association of Iowa?.

It was not until July of 1975 that legislation agreed on a grand fathering clause for those who had passed the Treasury Card Examination and members were granted a license with the title ?Accounting Practitioner?. Recently legislation was approved to change the title to Licensed Public Accountant?.

As a member of AAI you will be joining other independent accountants across the state who share your professional concerns. You will become an integral part of a dynamic organization whose members enjoy a wide range of special services and opportunities. Your voice will be heard in decision-making processes that affect you and your profession in the State of Iowa. Your membership in AAI will provide you with benefits which will be valuable to your practice, your profession, and yourself.

Some benefits you can enjoy include: District meetings, quality education, active Web Site, Member Directory, a centralized administrative office for maintaining corporate records and answering member questions. Plus AAI is affiliated with the National Society of Accountants, AAI is a recognized liaison to state agencies, Small Business Administration and the Internal Revenue Service. AAI monitors state accountancy laws and regulations affecting the independent accountant. AAI has a paid lobbyist that monitors state accounting laws, regulations and judicial decisions. AAI has representation on Capital Hill through NSA.

 The Accountants Association has continued to have annual Tax Seminars each year.

Our membership now includes CPAs, LPAs, EAs and other professional designations along with unlicensed accounting people. We have three types of membership: Full Member, Honorary Member and Lifetime Member. Full membership,consisting of those engaged in full-time practice of public accounting or work related thereto and maintaining an office for such purpose, and their employees who are accountants so long as they satisfy the qualifications. Honorary membership consists of members or non-members whose qualifications for this status shall be determined by the Board of Directors. Lifetime Membership consists of members who have been Full members for at least twenty (20) years and plan to work, both currently and in the future less than one thousand (1000) hours per year in the fields of accounting and tax preparation. 

 The Association continues to hold in high regard a standard of professional ethics. Our Seminars for continuing education are high quality educators.

 As a Member of the Association the benefits out weight the cost. Our continuing education discounts cover the dues. AAI also has a paid lobbyist that monitors state accounting laws, regulations and judicial decisions. Emails may be broadcast to other members.

An other very valuable item is an informal association with other accountants. Join us and share your knowledge and experiences with others.


Submitted by:  Kay Puscas, Executive Secretary